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Sandy Rao focuses on branding starting with logo design, research, wire-framing, design and website development. This show reel gives a glimpse of some of her work.

Tour bus with the Green Lizard in red and green illustrated on the side of the bus.


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Tangible Colors Album Promotion Campaign
The Green Lizard illustration is done with acrylic paint using only complementary colors and the combination of the two with white. Here I used red and green being the complement of each other. This whole process of drawing, underpaint and painting took more than 64 hours to complete.

To incorporate this illustration in Graphic Design, I designed TANGIBLE COLORS album cover, created a background story by blending fact with fiction, and built a whole campaign to promote album record tour.

Story created and written by Sandhya Rao

In his 14th Album, Sir Elton John, sends a powerful social message about apartheid. The country of South Africa, evolved from apartheid to it’s present social tolerance. People were segregated into four major groups as White, Black, Colored and Indian. People of mixed race with black and another race (comprising of Indian, Chinese, Malay, or White) fell into colored category. Due to segregation, members of the same family would fall under different categories and were treated differently. These people had to live away from their families in a separate township. Forced to lead a life in a different part of the town, being not allowed to meet with their family, they received inferior education and lower grade jobs.

Sir Elton John, met those “colored” people that were separated from their families. He was touched by the stories and decided to create awareness about this injustice done to a lot of families. The songs in this album he wrote is to tell the stories of families, their lives and social stigma attached. He continued to work on this cause for the people of South Africa and meet with the leaders of western countries to abolish the segregation until he saw an end to apartheid.

This album is dedicated to all the people in the world that fought against segregation, injustice, and giving their lives for such a cause.