Styl’n’Grace logo was created for a Fashion Design Student who will be using this for her line of clothing. I’m proud to have created this logo for my fellow senior student. I made seven iterations for her. She picked the black and gold color logo. I also included my favorite logo.

BeanStock logo was created for a website which is coffee store and the name of this fictitious store is Mr. Joe Stock. Hence the name BeanStock.

Mangalore logo is a mock website I created for my home town. The logo is partly representative of me and coastal region of the town. The warm sea and coconut trees are visible signs of the coast.

Emerald Coast is another logo I created for a website redesign. This website has icons representative of every activity found in the Emerald coast. The colors chosen are Teal Green representing the sea and yellow representing the grass found on the coast.

Do It Yourself is a website created to host my interactive design infographics of making moonshine vodka.

Elton John Logo is part of the Tangible Colors Album Tour Campaign. This logo was created for the website.

Udupi Kitchen was created for package design. The logo includes the main spices that go into spice mix.